Amping Up GMC (Goal, Motivation, & Conflict)

The last few weeks were horrible.  I lost my writing mojo and I couldn’t figure out why.  I finally realized my heroine’s motivation and conflict were weak.  While her reason for doing what she did was plausible, it seemed far too contrived and really out of character for her.  I needed to put myself in her world and mind to know what would tick her off enough to strike out on her own.  Unfortunately, she wasn’t talking to me.  She must’ve been p.o.ed at me for making her a weak and flighty female.

Monday morning, in that twilight sleep just before fully waking, Continue reading


How do you get motivated?

For me, it’s digging into research. It’s been a long time since I wrote a pirate story and I’ve lost some of my familiarity with tallships.  Pirate Ship I’ve recently discovered I can’t write my story and leave blanks to fill in later–there’d be way too many blanks.  I also need to find some pirate romances to read to get me in the right frame of mind.  It’s difficult to switch from a Regency to the early 18th century, too.  Clothing, figures of speech, political atmosphere, etc. bring the story to life–I need to research those things, as well.  The next scene in my wip is almost ready.  Today’s research will see me through this week’s writing.

And if I haven’t said this before–I love researching almost as much as writing.  🙂