Sad Old Firetruck

This poor old firetruck sat in a field along the road to Newberry from Gainesville. I had planned to stop and take pictures for years and finally got around to it. The next time we drove along that stretch of road it was gone! A nursery near Jonesville adopted it and now it sits proudly at the front of their business in all its rusty red glory. This tickles me pink!Ā šŸ¤—Sadly Neglected Firetruck | Lis'Anne Harris Continue reading

Hauntings at Revenant Acres Farm

Revenant Acres Farm is an old haunted farmhouse located in the tiny burg of Charlottesville, Indiana, about 35 miles east of Indianapolis on US-40 (aka Historic National Road). The area was platted in 1830 and in 1867 was large enough to be incorporated into a town, but is no longer. Lots of little communities just like this dot this old route to the west and I’m sure they’re filled with cool abandoned imagery and haunted happenings.

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More Curious, and Maybe Creepy, Grave Stones

Cemetery statuary, headstones, and crypts hold a special fascination for a lot of people. I often wonder what on earth was going through the minds of those who commissioned some of these grave markers? Why would anyone think the addition of creepy skulls and crossbones on the monument of their loved one’s final resting place would be a good thing? RatherĀ macabre if you ask me. Whatever possessed them, I can’t help but be intrigued.

More Curious, and Maybe Creepy, Grave Stones | Lis'Anne Harris

a deathbed of golden ferns by estruda

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Sadly, Utterly Abandoned: The Haunted Green House

I went home for a visit back in July of this year and heard the sad tale of a house that played a big part in the lives of a lot of my family. It’s not a large house or one that’s architecturally noteworthy. It’s just a regular old house built in 1910 in my little hometown of Morristown, Indiana. We’ve always called it “the green house” because it was a deep pea green for probably 30-40 years or longer, but someone in the last 30 panted the old shingle siding white.

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Sadly, Utterly Abandoned and Other Images from a Little Indiana Town

These are some images from my trip home in July, 2013. Most are from my husband’s little home town of Manilla, Indiana, which I didn’t even know existed just 10 miles or so southeast of my little home town until I met him when he began working in my home town. How crazy is that? I immediately fell in love with the people, the buildings, and the history.

I would love to see the remaining buildings restored and brought back to life – and even those that are long gone rebuilt and turned into thriving businesses once again. A girl can dream.

An abandoned tobacco barn between Vevay and Madison, Indiana.

An abandoned tobacco barn between Vevay and Madison, Indiana.

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