Tonight’s Episode of Defiance…

…was the last – for me. I tried, truly I did! I had such high hopes. I’ve yet to say, “That was awesome!” Or to sit in bemused wonder at the end of an episode. The actions and reactions of the characters are implausible and the plot each week is weak and pointless. Every Monday from 9 to 10 p.m. there is a constant stream of “Why?” “Why would they do that?” “That was another gratuitous scene.” “This makes no sense.” “Really???” So, no more torturing myself – and my husband!

Still loving Warehouse 13, though! (Monday 10-11 p.m. EST) Don’t ask me why I can suspend disbelief for one and not the other. Better writers? Funny lines? Cool historical artifacts? Whatever. 🙂

Falling Skies, Warehouse 13, & the New Revolution

Some things just don’t make sense. But I don’t care. I may be a lover of all things historical and romantic, but it isn’t the only thing I love. Scifi has always been one of my favorite TV and film genres. I grew up in a family full of Trekkies and Star Wars freaks. Saturday nights with homemade pizza and Space 1999 is one of my favorite memories. Continue reading