New Contemporary Romance Novel Series!

Please hang on, friends. I’ll be back with new grungy, forlorn pictures soon. I’ve been super busy pounding the keys – I love this new story I’m writing and I hope all of you who love the abandoned, decaying, neglected imagery I share will, too.

Almost to 60k words – only around 30k to go in book 1!


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Surf Report, August 15, 2012

I find historical accounts like this highly entertaining! 🙂

On my wish list for 2013 ~,~

Feast Day of St. Arnulph of Soissons, an 11th-century French patron of brewers. In the year 1612, brewers John Kempster and John Byrd of Bayton, Worcestershire, were charged with making beer “too well,” and selling it at their pubs for only a penny a pint. According to a petition signed by neighbors, Continue reading

Implausible Everything

My buddy, Charlee Allden, of Smart Girls SciFi asked a good question on her blog yesterday.  “How long do you give a book before you give up on it?”

I’ve read thousands of historical romance novels.  If one didn’t engage me after the first few pages, I didn’t hesitate to put it down.  I’m still that way.  There are just too many from which to choose and time is a precious commodity these days.  However, what do you do when the first several chapters totally engage you then suddenly the author starts writing like a newbie?  She went from showing me how the characters felt, what they saw, etc., to telling me.  The dialogue went from realistic and tight to stupid and implausible.  Real men don’t say, think, and do the things she now is forcing them to.  *insert finger down throat and gag*

My blogging partner, Abigail Sharpe, of Chicklets in the Kitchen and her own blog Don’t Hang Up the Quill, always gives an author two tries.  When money’s tight and I already have a suitcase (she knows what I’m talking about!) full of books to read + a large canvas bag stuffed full from the RWA national conference + a giant box shoved into the bottom of my linen closet, I don’t have the inclination to give an author more of my time or money with lines such as, Edward made a concerned noise.  What the heck is a “concerned noise?”  A groan, a moan, a hmm, ahem?  What did it sound like?

Is this so wrong?  Am I being far too harsh?  Did I wake up on the wrong side of the planet AND someone stole my coffee?

The problem now is, if I’ve invested over 200 pages of my time, should I press on even if the author totally turned me off to her writing?  A part of me keeps hoping the excitement and realism of the first 50 pages will magically infect the rest of the story.   The rational part of my brain says it’s not going to happen; the wishful part keeps turning the stupid page.

Happy reading?



Sorry I slacked off posting over the past several months.  The Southern Lights Writers Conference is gearing up and I’m on the committee this year.  So much to do, so little time!

Recently I had suffered from extreme writer’s block. I couldn’t even muster up the energy to read my faves unless it was emailed to me. When I heard the great Nathan Bransford quit agenting to take a job with CNET, severe depression set in. 😦  Not that I ever intended to query him since I don’t write what he used to represent, but he was a damn good agent. His career change added to the perception of the publishing world crumbling in this horrid economy. I’m so very glad he’s still blogging about books, and even more thrilled to see debut romance authors appearing left and right!

I had a major writing breakthrough a few days ago that re-energized me–and one of my critique partners talked me into starting a new blog venture with her–Chicklets in the Kitchen–about what’s happening in each of ours. The neatest part of this one is taking pictures of our culinary masterpieces and sharing recipes along with our writing lives.  We have some guest bloggers lined up to share the goings-on in their kitchens, as well.

So, I’m back, but with no guarantees on how often I’ll post here. Happy reading & writing!


Word Rebel

It seems like forever since I’ve given an update, but in reality it’s ony been a week or so.  Heck, I don’t even know what today’s date is.  I’ve been so submersed in writing I’ve barely had time to come up for air.

Yesterday I was emailing back and forth with my sister, Lauri, about this awesome little island I’ve decided we all simply have to move to.  I wrote 4 articles for this brilliant Caribbean gem and found the coolest beachfront bar for sale.  I can just imagine going to work barefoot and wearing a cute little sun dress.  (As a creative writer, you know I can clearly see it all in my mind’s eye.)

Anyway, back to my conversation with Lauri.  I was in the midst of writing about an unsolved mystery and MS Word decided to put a squiggly green line beneath three words.  This is the back and forth between my sister and I:

Me:  Here’s the cool article I wrote on Roatan Island real estate.

Lauri:  I’m sold!  Where do I sign?  🙂  Nice work!

Me:  🙂  I’m ready to go–even if I have to fish for my supper and live in a grass hut!  LOL  This island rarely gets any hurricane activity (ignore the gargantuan hurricane currently bearing down on Honduras) and is far removed from political strife.  It almost sounds too good to be true.

Lauri:  And I really like fish!  I’ve seen this island on International House Hunters, but didn’t pay close attention.  Just about any island will work for me, except for Haiti…

Me:  Or Cuba. (o_0)  At least we have a destination in mind if we need to get out of Dodge asap.  Do you ever watch Man Woman Wild?  I love that show!  I’m sure I could survive anywhere with a machete and a pair of shoe strings!  LOL

What the heck is a split infinitive? (rhetorical question–I’ll figure it out)  Stupid Word underlined “to quickly learn.”

Lauri:  Adverb goes after the verb… I think.  Not sure it’s called a verb, though.  Should be, to learn quickly, again, I think. ; )  Where were we when grammar was being taught?

Me:  Ah ha…but I prefer to split my infinitives then.  I want to quickly learn something, not learn quickly.  That just feels wrong.  I’ve always been a word rebel.  You know, all grammar lessons were made up by someone.  What the heck did they know?  LOL

Lauri:  Hmm.  Yes, English is rather stupid.  I, too, prefer the split infinitive.  A word rebel!  Never thought of this before.  Yeah, like who thought up the verb tenses?  One dude or a committee?

I think it was the only dude who had a sharp enough chisel to inscribe it in stone.  No one had an eraser to correct him.

Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller, October 06, 2011

And, btw, “sneaked” just sounds wrong.

Okay, enough messing around.  Back to work. 😉


Blurbs, Blurbs, and More Blurbs

Yeah, I’m writing.  Unfortunately, not what I really want to be writing.  It’s money, though.  Writing SEO content for websites isn’t easy to do and still make your words sound unstilted and compelling. Do you have any idea how many key words and keyword phrases have to be crammed into a single article? A gajillion. Or so it seems at times.

I’m all blah over it.

If anyone out there has a cool abstract writing position for me, I’m right here waiting to blow your mind away with my keen ability to condense an international headline news article into 2-3 sentences. 😉

What I really and truly want is a cushy home for my historical romance novels.  Okay, so I’m a dreamer.  I’ll just have to keep on dreaming.  🙂

Happy writing…whatever it is you’re writing!


Writing Doldrums

Have you ever flipped and flopped from one day to the next like a (cliché alert) fish out of water?

I lost one paddle and I’m not sufficiently motivated to dip the other and make progress.  I’m stuck around page 85 on my current wip and can’t think of the words I want to get my h/h to the next scene.  I have no idea what’s wrong with me.  I open it every day, struggle to meet a 100/100 challenge I joined, then end up working on networking/marketing for the day I sell one of my other stories that is out on submission.

I wonder if I’m marking time in this wip because I don’t want to pour my heart and soul into another story that’ll struggle to find an agent/editor?  Rejections after requests send me from one emotional extreme to the other on a continual basis.  Perhaps my subconscious has intentionally stranded me in the doldrums.

I pray a strong trade wind blows my way soon else I may end up drowning my sorrows in cheap rum. 😉

Write What You Know

I love writing historical romance; it’s what I know!  I love researching almost as much as writing.  My problem is knowing when to stop researching and get busy putting word to page.  Everything of a historical nature is so fascinating to me it’s hard to cut myself off. 🙂  When I’m reading someone else’s work and they use a word or object that isn’t true to the time, it pulls me out of the story quicker than someone yelling “free chocolate!”