Historical Romance

Daring Damsels Series Book One

“THE VISCOUNT’S FEISTY HIGHLAND LASS is a fabulous Georgian historical romance that will leave readers begging for more!” ~ Virginia Henley, New York Times Bestselling Author

At the mercy of her amoral uncle, Baron Ledgemont, who’ll stop at nothing to steal her inheritance, LADY DESIREE FRAZIER finds herself the object of a scandalous auction. Belittled for her stuttering speech, no man wants her for a wife. Desiree summons the courage to wrest control of her future and money from the vicious monster who plots to destroy her.

LORD ALEXANDER EVERDON, beleaguered by the guardianship of his errant siblings, is in London to rescue his wayward brother. What he doesn’t expect to stumble upon is the noble Lady Desiree surrounded by lascivious lechers.

BOUND TOGETHER in a wild bid to thwart Baron Ledgemont’s evil machinations, Alex discovers the feisty Scottish lass is the perfect match for him. While trying to gain her love, Alex is thrust into a series of misadventures to free his brother from a date with the gallows. Desiree must summon every ounce of courage to turn the tables on her dastardly uncle before she can revel in her viscount’s sweet love.

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Daring Damsels Series Book Two

“Lis’Anne Harris’s gorgeous storytelling will sweep you away!” ~ Valerie Bowman, Best-selling Historical Romance Author

LADY JOANNA BENTLEY has been sold into sexual slavery by her greedy step-brother. While sailing en route to Istanbul, she jumps overboard in the dark of night in hopes of reaching a nearby island. Alone, scared, and faced with the overwhelming odds of escaping unscathed, she has to put her trust in a British rogue who claims he was sent by her sister to rescue her.

PIRATE CAPTAIN RICHARD TREVANIAN has grown weary of roaming the seven seas and finding a mistress in every port. Left with a legacy of heartbreak and abandonment, he returns home to the Cornish coast to rebuild his crumbling castle. But a plea from a friend sends him out on one last adventure to save an English lady from her Topkapi Palace prison. He discovers it may be the most dangerous escapade yet…to his heart.

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Daring Damsels Book Three

Lady Bryn Elizabeth Travanion has a dream and a plan. Knowing full well she was born into a class system where gently bred women have circumscribed roles in society, she believes ladies of strong mental and physical fortitude can do anything a man can do—and probably with more compassion and intelligence. All she has to do is convince her parents she’s capable of having an exciting, fulfilling life without the need for a husband’s guidance.

Lord Bryce Morgan is on the run from captaining one of the ships in his greedy monarch’s depraved fleet of floating brothels. A request from his father to help an old family friend on the Cornish coast delays his plan to hide out on his Jamaican plantation until he can find a way to end the blackmail.

Longtime friends, despite years of heated disagreements, Bryn and Bryce are thrown together to thwart an enemy from the past set on exacting revenge. They discover differences can be assets, and love can blossom where it’s least expected.