Back Country Decay & The Release of The Viscount’s Feisty Highland Lass!

The Viscount's Feisty Highland Lass | Lis'Anne HarrisTo celebrate the release of the long-awaited revised edition of my first published historical romance novel, The Viscount’s Feisty Highland Lass, I’ve pulled together this fabulous series of abandoned, derelict barns and sheds. If you feel so inclined, click over to read the blurb or to Amazon and check out the story of Viscount Alexander Everdon and his daring damsel, Lady Desiree Frazier. 🙂


Have you ever seen that show on the DIY channel called Barnwood Builders? I love it! I’m totally fascinated with how those humongous barns were built in the good old days with brute strength, basic tools, and brilliant planning. It’s simply amazing how many are proving the ingenuity of our ancestors by the test of time. I had no idea there are guys out there like those from Barnwood Living doing what they can to salvage the huge posts, beams, and planks of these beauties slowly decaying in the back country.  How cool would it be to have one of these derelict relics from a bygone era rebuilt on your land? Turn it into a super cool party barn, pool house,  or rustic home. The possibilities are only limited by your imagine and bank account. 🙂

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New Contemporary Romance Novel Series!

Please hang on, friends. I’ll be back with new grungy, forlorn pictures soon. I’ve been super busy pounding the keys – I love this new story I’m writing and I hope all of you who love the abandoned, decaying, neglected imagery I share will, too.

Almost to 60k words – only around 30k to go in book 1!


Just Do It! #amwriting #contemporary #paranormal #romance #novel | Lis'Anne Harris

Sadly, Utterly Abandoned: Special Guest Series – Rural America

I sent out a request to friends and family to take snapshots of those abandoned places they see on their way here and there. These gorgeous images were taken by close family friend, Sandy, while traveling the back roads of America with her husband, Ron. Her artistic eye is evident in every shot.

Derelict barn. Photo by Sandy Carmony | Lis'Anne Harris
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Sadly, Utterly Abandoned Barns

I’ve always loved old barns. My grandma and grandpa had a huge red barn sitting on a steep hill next to their house. My cousins and I played in it all the time, even as it was beginning to become unsafe and warned not to. Daring kids we were. It was three stories with the top floor completely empty. Our uncles had installed basketball hoops at both ends and it made for an awesome court. Also, hanging from the center ridge beam was a long rope. We could take a running jump onto it and swing back and forth in a high, wide arc. It was exhilarating and fun! It didn’t take much to entertain us way back then.

Image by Ian Sane on Flickr.

Image by Ian Sane on Flickr.

I think of the kids that must have played in these barns – after their chores were done for the day; the mother who trudged out in the wee hours of the morn to milk the cow; the farmer who’s very livelihood revolved around the animals he kept and farming implements stored within that were so vital to his family’s existence. It was a hard row to hoe, but a simpler, straightforward way of life that’s rapidly becoming a long forgotten memory. Continue reading