Sadly, Utterly Abandoned Motel Sign?

Sadly, Utterly Abandoned Motel Sign? – The abandoned blog is back! The past 2 years have been extremely tough. I’m sure it’s not been a cakewalk for most of y’all either. I closed my websites with the intention of devoting all my waking hours to crafting and making the festival rounds with my goods, but being physically handicapped makes that kind of work impossible. Not only that, but my love of the written word and sharing wonderful foods crowded back in. I’m still a crafter and put on that hat when a cool idea must be executed, so maybe from time to time I’ll share what I’m working on. And I still edit manuscripts for friends or just format for publication and make their book covers. I might eventually try to sell some ready made covers if it floats my boat. 🙂

Our sweet little lake view | Lis'Anne Harris

At the onset of this “pandemic,” (don’t even get me started) we had begun our search for a home to buy. It took a very long year and a half and the loan process about killed me (my husband is also self-employed in new home construction), but we’re finally in our sweet little cottage on a sweet little lake in northeast Florida. We have lots and lots of work to do to make it exactly how we want it. Now that our 3 adult sons are out on their own, it was time to super downsize the home, but up-size the land. We’ll be cutting down massive pine trees that scare us to death every time it storms and replacing them with as many varieties of fruit trees as will grow in our climate, berry bushes, and raised garden beds so I can tend them from a power wheelchair. Walking/standing is very painful for me.

Little fenced in area for a spoiled rotten little Chihuahua named Pinto Beanie | Lis'Anne Harris

As for the abandoned everything I so desperately loved…

I still do! I’ll share those glorious images right here with you whenever something speaks to my soul. It may speak to yours, as well!

Sadly, Utterly Abandoned Motel? | Lis'Anne Harris
Sadly, Utterly Abandoned Motel? | Lis'Anne Harris
Sadly, Utterly Abandoned Motel? | Lis'Anne Harris
Sadly, Utterly Abandoned Motel? | Lis'Anne Harris
Sadly, Utterly Abandoned Motel? | Lis'Anne Harris

I don’t know what the business once was here. There’s no building left. Was it a motel or something else?

Thanks for hanging with me! God’s blessings to you and yours! Love, Lis 💕

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